Ownership Opportunities

If you wish to experience what it’s like to live at Hilton Head for a fraction of the cost, Harbourside III is your perfect slice of the pie.

Harbourside III is a Quarter Share.

Why manage your Island home 52 weeks a year if you can’t be here that often? Each Harbourside III villa has four separately deeded owners who have NO joint liability with their fellow owners.

Not A Timeshare

Unlike a timeshare, you are not purchasing a leasehold which would expire after a period of time or a number of uses. You purchase an actual deeded interest in real estate that is then recorded with the county court. You receive a title in perpetuity, which means you have the rights to use, rent, lend, will or sell your share of the property forever.

Your Quarter

Any quarter purchased will convey six 2 week intervals and one 1 week interval totaling 13 weeks annually. The quarters rotate by one week each year so that no matter your quarter, every four years you will have owned every week number and experienced Hilton Head in all seasons. Owners periodically lose one week in rotation in January when we close for annual maintenance and deep cleans.


Purchase prices vary and are solely at the discretion of the seller and their agent. Details of Active listings are available in the onsite management office. Aside from your purchase price, there is an annual maintenance fee which provides for the exterior of the building, landscaping, swimming pool all your services and utilities, including power, water/sewer, pest control, waste removal, cable, secure WiFi and access to our beach via Palmetto Dunes Resort. The fee also covers interior maintenance to include everything from light bulbs to remote control batteries and from upkeep of the furnishings to repairs/replacement of appliances due to normal wear and tear. It is almost like having a perpetual homeowners warranty. Finally, even your annual property tax and your insurance are included in your maintenance fee.

Annual Maintenance Fee:

1BR  $6,293.18

2BR  $7,104.18

3BR  $8,472.05

Additional Costs

Guest of Owner fee: $65

Harbourside III Villa Owners pay a departure cleaning fee each time they use their villa.

1BR $125

2BR $135

3BR $145

Compared to Whole Ownership

Several of our current owners have crunched the numbers, concluding that Harbourside III quarter share ownership is an economically sound alternative to whole ownership at Hilton Head and have consequently purchased a second or even third quarter.

*Costs are subject to change.